The Digital Twin Platform to Elevate your Spacecraft Testing and Training

Nominal Editor is a powerful digital twinning platform that leverages the Unreal Engine to revolutionise the way that digital twins of complex systems are created and simulated. Nominal Editor allows users to create fully representative digital twins of their system and its environment by aggregating modular component models, while leveraging the powerful development and visualisation environment of the Unreal Engine. Nominal Editor empowers users to create stand-alone simulations or their own digital twinning applications. Used by the UK Ministry of Defence, Nominal Editor is the most powerful solution for professionals seeking to push the boundaries of system-level modelling and simulation.


Simulate any system with realistic dynamics, environment and operator interactions.


Create captivating multiplayer training applications and war games harnessing the cutting-edge game development prowess of the Unreal Engine.


Generate synthetic data with Nominal Editor, enabling effective training and testing of AI algorithms within a safe-to-fail environment.


Increase the speed of design and testing workflows by scripting automatic functional tests.


Achieve seamless in-the-loop testing by effortlessly integrating external hardware and software through Nominal Editor's plug-and-play capabilities.


Harness a versatile scripting environment to simulate intricate mission scenarios and plan missions with precision.

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