January 17, 2023

Nominal Systems partners in $250m Defence Trailblazer

Nominal Systems is excited to be an industry partner of the $250m UNSW and the University of Adelaide’s Defence Trailblazer program. The program will fund research and commercialisation of Defence-focused technology across quantum, AI, cyber-security, hypersonics and space.

As part of the program, UNSW Canberra Space will seek to launch an AI-enabled space missions that will help raise the TRL of strategic space technologies and build skills to benefit the space sector.

As part of the program, Nominal Systems will engage in R&D collaboration with UNSW Canberra Space to increase the TRL of complementary, value-added elements of its digital twin simulation platform. Nominal’s digital twin platform is being adopted by customers, such as the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD), to provide a fully data-representative digital model of spacecraft to aid in the design, testing, operations and training of future MOD space systems.

“As a UNSW Canberra Space spinout, Nominal Systems is proud to be engaging with the university in joint research efforts to improve the way we offer disruptive digital twin technologies,” said Brenton Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Nominal Systems.

“Gaining intimate insights into the reliability, function and operations of components is currently too opaque within the space industry, making spacecraft design perilous. We at Nominal Systems see the potential to improve the transparency of the supply chain by digitising components and making them available for testing within simulation,” said Brenton

As Defence space capability grows in sophistication, space commands seek to embrace a “digital age” to make decision making more rapid and accurate. As a sovereign Australian digital twin company, Nominal Systems’ mission is to provide simple and actionable insights to decision-makers in light of a complex space environment.