January 17, 2023

Nominal Partners with ANU on $50m iLAuNCH trailblazer

Dr Brenton Smith

Nominal Systems is excited to be an industry partner within the University of Southern Queensland's Innovative Launch, Automation, Novel Materials, Communications and Hypersonics (iLAuNCH) Hub. The iLaunch program received $50m from the Federal Government’s Trailblazer Universities initiative to establish a space manufacturing ecosystem focused on payloads and launch vehicles.

Executive Director Professor Peter Schubel of the University of Southern Queensland said: "Our industry partners have identified $3.65 billion in economic benefits associated with the 18 core iLaunch commercialisation projects, which will accelerate Australian IP to market”

Nominal Systems will seek to use our Nominal digital twin solutions to aid the project stakeholders to achieve optimal design functionality early in the project lifecycle. This will minimise development costs and maximise mission outcomes. Using Nominal’s software, Nominal Systems will seeks to help verify the functionality of systems throughout the mission lifecycle including operations support and end-of-life planning.

The iLaunch program will establish commercialisation hubs across Australia in partnership with the University of South Australia and the Australian National University (ANU). Professor Anna Moore of the ANU said: "Key to success is working with each other across states to offer our best efforts in a focused and purposeful way,"

“Nominal Systems seeks to make collaboration across states easier by enabling stakeholders to remotely access a single source of system design and testing truth data via a cloud hosted digital twin.” said Brenton Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Nominal Systems.

“Australian governments understand the potential to gain market share in the rapidly growing space industry. Nominal Systems provides tools that give space system developers assurance that they are building the best system, mission, and process to achieve their goals” said Brenton Smith.

The space industry is growing rapidly, with Australia alone seeking to quadruple the number of jobs within the space industry to 20,000 by 2030. Nominal System’s mission is to simplify the design, testing and operations of complex space systems to help the industry scale, adopt differentiating technology such as intelligent space systems, and provide insights into global supply chains.