January 17, 2023

Nominal Systems

Digital Engineering Made Simple

Dr Christopher Capon

Manage Complexity, Embrace Automation, Deliver Excellence

At Nominal Systems, our mission is to help you deliver amazing capabilities to harsh environments with confidence.

We’re helping teams around the world transform their development, testing and operations workflows by providing our digital engineering platform, Nominal, to help:

  • Manage system complexity by embracing the power of digital twins and the digital thread.
  • Provide a single source of design truth to reduce wasted time and effort across your team.
  • Unlock true competitive advantage through automation of your systems and processes.

The Interoperability Challenge:

Everything we see around ourselves, from your phone to your car is a complex system built from a blend of hardware and software components. The same is true for satellites. The stakes are just higher.

Just like your car, every component that you add to your satellite should make it better, faster, smarter. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Integrating even one system with another is a pretty complex task.

  • It takes time.
  • Interfaces don’t match.
  • Siloed teams make decisions in isolation.
  • The list goes on.

And with every system you add, your integration problem only gets worse. For most companies, this integration problem is big.

Over the last decade, 10% of new space missions have been dead-on-arrival and upwards of 40% have reported partial systems failures in-orbit.

Why? Yes, space is hard. So is building a self-driving car. The problem is that functional testing of your satellite like it’s in space is hard.

True Competitive Advantage = Automation

There is a bigger opportunity cost though, automation.

Today true competitive advantage comes when you can not only integrate the best hardware and software but automate all the process standing between you and missions at scale.

Imagine having the power to automate the navigation of a constellation of a 1000+ satellites in a congested environment, or create a self-healing system that can identify and resolve anomalies in real-time.

Ask yourself this: “Why do we trust self-driving cars but we don’t trust a satellite to manage its own power budget?”

Nominal: Your Digital Engineering Platform

We created Nominal to help answer this question. To make complex system design and testing simple and unlock the power of automation in space (or anywhere).

Here's how it works.

Starting with models of each of your sub-systems, Nominal lets you rapidly build complex simulations involving systems-of-systems using a UML/Visual Scripting style interface. Blending the deepest level of coding control with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Visual scripting meets advanced simulation

More than that, switch out any block for actual hardware or connect up external software to bring reality to your digital twin.

All in a full-scale digital world streaming in any georeferenced artifact in real-time.

And every component can be traced and tracked with version control, giving your entire team a digital thread, a single source of design truth, so that they can understand how their changes impact other systems, branch designs, explore mission plans and train operators (or AI agents).

Sound good?

Get a free trial today, connect with our team and lets build something amazing together.


Testing an ADCS in Nominal