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What is Nominal Editor?

With 10% of satellites dead-on-arrival and 50% experiencing some sort of systems failure during commissioning, Nominal has been designed to help you build better, more resilient missions by making testing easy.

Built around a system-of-systems design philosophy, the Nominal architecture lets control your design complexity by empowering your team to build models of every sub-systems and easily connect those sub-systems to others through an MPI-like system. Providing unparalleled modularity and flexibility so that you can rapidly build up a complex system-of-systems simulations and test them in a full-scale digital world - your first step toward a digital twin.

By following Nominal system-of-systems design philosophy, we've made it easy for you to swap out simulation modules with real hardware. It's only when hardware is "in-the-loop" that you really start to understand mission, where it shines, and its limitations. More than that though, Nominal unlocks opportunities in automation and AI control.

Git for Space

By digitizing your system architecture and connecting it up to version control tools (e.g. git), Nominal allows you to track and trace different system designs, automate tests against requirements, and ensures that your entire team has knows the exact state of the design, while giving them the flexibility to branch designs, try new solutions and merge changes.

Want to setup your own "Git for Space" system with Nominal? Nominal comes with everything you need right out of the box. Want some help? Contact

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Nominal Modules

Nominal comes with a wide range of simulation modules out of the box. Below is a list of currently available modules. For more details, sign-up for your free trial today to access the documentation.

  • Astrodynamics
  • N-Body Newtonian Gravity
  • Spherical Harmonic Gravity Models
  • Perturbation Models
  • Atmospheric Drag (Fixed, LookUp, RealTime)
  • Solar Radiation Pressure (Fixed, LookUp, RealTime)
  • Gravity Gradient Torques
  • Custom External Force/Torque
  • Variable Mass Models (e.g. Fuel Slosh)
  • Environment Models
  • Thermosphere (Exponential, NRLMSISE-00)
  • Ionosphere (IRI2016)
  • Magnetosphere (Centered Dipole, WMM)
  • Albedo
  • Thermal (Coming Soon)
  • Radiation (Coming Soon)
  • Actuators
  • Reaction Wheel Cluster
    (Balanced, Simple Jitter, Coupled Jitter)
  • Magnetic Torque Rod
  • Cold Gas Thruster
  • Sensors
  • Optical
  • Three-Axis Magnetometer
  • Star Tracker (Simple)
  • Coarse Sun Sensor Constellation
  • IMU (Accelerometer, Gyro)
  • Electrical Power System
  • Battery (Simple)
  • Solar Panels
  • Power Monitor
  • Power Source/Sink
  • Data Sub-System
  • Data Storage (Simple, Partitioned)
  • Space-to-Ground Tx
  • Instrument (Simple)
  • Propulsion
  • Solid Rocket Motor (Coming Soon)
  • Liquid Rocket Motor (Coming Soon
  • Flight Software
  • Generalised Flight Logic System
  • Pointing Modes (Sun Safe, Relative Point, HILL/LVLH, Inertial Hold, Euler Rotation, Ground Target)
  • And much more...
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